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Thoughts on the Carroll Rumors

I tend to take a wait and see approach with these sorts of things.

We have been through these sorts of rumors before but it really would not surprise me if this was the real deal...

This one just feels right.

With the staff turnover that SC has been through over the past few years. With the high level of expectations that we have become accustomed to and the pending NCAA storm on the horizon it would be the perfect time for him to go.

He has had a great run at USC.

I think that the impending NCAA issues that have yet to be handed down play a big role in this.No program is bullet proof regardless of what we think about the Reggie Bush situation. Sooner or later things just take their toll

And then there is this from Markazi.

There was a rift between Carroll and Garrett at the end of the season in the handling of McKnight; 1st time he felt blindsided by USC admin.

This should surprise no one!

We have seen how Garrett has treated his coaches in the past and it hasn't always been good. So, with all the issues going on with both the Football and Basketball programs Garrett may be hunkering down to protect USC and look out for USC and USC alone. Garrett was critical of the teams performance this past season. You could tell that Pete was not happy about McKnight. Anybody else notice how the whole McKnight situation got real quiet before McKnight announced his intention to go to the NFL earlier today.

Lets say that Pete is leaving...

There have been numerous fans that have been frustrated with Carroll since Norm Chow and Ed Oregeron moved on. They have been frustrated at some of Carroll's coaching moves, player moves and that the team has had a lack of discipline with losses to lesser teams. Pete Carroll is not going to change and if you look carefully at this team there is no guarantee that SC will be much better next season...couple that with the other issues and this is the perfect storm for him to leave.

If Pete Carroll thinks he will be happier or if he thinks he does not have the support of Garrett and Sample then he should go.

Why stay in a bad situation?

If he goes I could not be happier for him. This has always been his dream. I just can't badmouth a guy who did so much for this program who may want to move on.

Pete Carroll owes us NOTHING!

He has given us more than anyone could have expected for all the great games and awards.

Pete Carroll has done plenty for USC. He put us on a run that won't ever be matched in college football.

But nothing lasts forever and now may be the time.

Obviously, I will keep a close eye on this...