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BREAKING: Joe McKnight to enter the NFL Draft

I saw this briefly on ESPN and the message boards are chattering over it.

As I get more I will link it up later on this afternoon. I can't say I am surprised and I am sure that this had to do with the SUV thing...

It is hard to lose a 100 yard rusher but this might be the best thing.

Here is the story from Joe Schad...

USC junior running back Joe McKnight said Friday that he will enter the upcoming NFL draft.

"The time is right," McKnight said. "This was my first healthy season and I really don't want to come back and risk injury."

The Trojans held McKnight out of the Emerald Bowl against Boston College in December amid an ongoing investigation into whether he violated rules by using an SUV that does not belong to him, as well as his relationship with the vehicle's owner, Santa Monica businessman Scott Schenter.

McKnight was not cleared in time by USC's compliance department to participate in the Emerald Bowl, a 24-13 victory for USC. He said Friday that the ongoing investigation did not factor into his decision to leave school early.

"If I would have come back it would have been to pursue the Heisman," said McKnight, who also spoke of the difficulty of being compared to former USC running back Reggie Bush.

"My career was OK," McKnight said. "It was good, but not like Reggie. There was a constant pressure to be like Reggie."

I will let you all decipher it...

I will be interested in hearing Pete Carroll's take.