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GameDay Open Thread USC @ Stanford

So the big question tonight is how will USC respond on the court after having self imposed sanctions placed on the program this past weekend.

Coach Kevin O'Neill hopes the team rebounds with a sense of purpose...

O’Neill said this season still holds the promise of being "special." I asked how that could be without the possibility of playing in the NCAA Tournament, which only happens to be the ultimate goal of every college basketball player.

"You can have a special season by playing your hearts out every single game," O’Neill said. "Hopefully, 10 years from now, they’ll look back and say, ‘Remember that group I played with? This group of guys I played with really kicked butt all the time.’

"That’s how you have a special season."

Well, that is all well and good but these are still kids and it should surprise no one if there is a let down.

Anyway...Join us here.

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