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Kiffin Videos Misleading

Apparently, it doesn't take long for the folks across town to begin jumping to conclusions in regards to Lane Kiffin's relations with USC coeds. Earlier today, SB Nation's UCLA Blog, Bruins Nation, posted the following video; hinting at the fact that Kiffin was using USC's recent basketball game against Washington last Saturday as an opportunity to recruit young 20 year-old sorority girls to serve as hostesses for football recruits.

Well, as someone who attended the game, let me say that it's totally misleading. For one, Kiffin arrived late to the game with a recruit and sat alone for the entire first half. Then, midway through the second half, the Trojans' public address announcer, Petros Papadakis, introduced Kiffin to the estimated crowd of 6,000, which in turn, gave the new coach a standing ovation. In the minutes following, a group of young 20-somethings sitting one section over from Kiffin, nearly all of them females, moved closer to him, as he was being interviewed by Fox Sports West. Not once, did Kiffin invite them over or even acknowledge their presence. Truth be told, he had absolutely no interaction with them, and they merely sat behind him to get on television.

So for certain outlets to post these videos under the impression that Kiffin was using the game as an opportunity to recruit good-looking girls to become football hostesses is quite a bit premature and entirely inaccurate. Kiffin may be guilty of taking advantage of hostesses in the past, but in terms of this specific case, the rumors are completely off base.