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The Pete Carroll, Lane Kiffin Timeline

This is a nice write-up from Gary Klein in the LAT. Pretty concise...

It was Jan. 7, the day of the Bowl Championship Series title game between No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Texas.

USC's telegenic coach, winner of two national titles and the leader of perhaps the decade's most high-profile college football program, was at the Rose Bowl to provide guest commentary, his Trojans having finished a disappointing season two weeks earlier at the Emerald Bowl.

For the first time in eight seasons, USC had fallen short of a BCS bowl appearance and the multimillion-dollar payout that goes with it. Carroll, his hair matted by rain and his pants and shoes caked with mud, had appeared drained in the aftermath of his team's victory over Boston College at San Francisco's AT&T Park.

Now, as Alabama fans in the Rose Bowl stands shouted his name, a relaxed-looking Carroll laughed, sat up in his chair and put a hand to his ear, playfully baiting them to bring more.

A few hours later, confetti covering the turf after an Alabama victory, Carroll walked off the set, the college football season officially ended.

And essentially Pete Carroll's career at USC.

Now that I have a few days to catch my breath and take it all in reading Klein's piece really put it all into focus.

I like that Carroll called Klein and not Wolf for this piece. I haven't always agreed with Klein but he does do a pretty solid job for the most part.

Like I said this is an interesting read...