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Neuheisel attempts to fire the first shot...misses badly

You gotta give Slick Rick credit, he an opportunist to the core.

If there is an opportunity to get some attention he does everything he can to take advantage of it.

Here is his latest gem...

"I guarantee, if you paid any kind of attention to what's going on in college football this last week, you can see the landscape is slightly shifting," Neuheisel told fans. "A few of our guys, we want to welcome coach Kiffin to Los Angeles. We have competed with him before and we look forward to competing with him and this program again."


"We respect what USC has done the last few years," Neuheisel said.

"But there's change now. Until the new regime proves itself, we believe we have every right to claim this city."




That is really funny, because his "regime" has yet to prove itself in Los Angeles. With his team record is hovering around the .500 mark what exactly has he done to prove that he thinks that ucla owns the city? Heck, he has to 11-1 just to match Dorrell's record in the same amount of time...

By the way what city? Westwood?

Yes, Slick Rick beat Tennessee when Kiffin was at the helm so maybe he feels that he should be able to beat Kiffin now that he is at USC.

He can't be that stupid can he? I mean that has to be a misquote, right? Every time a read it I can't help but bust a gut laughing my ass off!

All this ulca propaganda about the bruins becoming the "Powerhouse Team" in Los Angeles is getting ridiculous. I always thought that you had to beat your rival before claiming that you are the better team...

I man come on...he had to "honor" the football team because they won some insignificant bowl that didn't even have any conference ties.

There is another phrase for this...attenion_______(you fill in the blank).

What Slick Rick refuses to understand is that even though ucla beat Kiffin last year, the talent that USC has was not their opponent in Knoxville.The "regime" doesn't play the game. The players do. So, until the ucla players beat the USC players on the field, his right to claim this city as theirs is as hollow as his head.

What is this guy smoking?

Let Slick Rick continue to think what he wants...we can let the game speak for itself. Slick Rick also thinks their "win" over Temple was their finest hour...remember they only got into that bowl because ND shut their season down declining a bowl and because Army could not beat Navy. Either two of those scenarios don't happen and ucla doesn't sniff a bowl game let alone meet the "minimum expectations" that they set for him on that other site.

Here is the kicker for me...for all the crap that Kiffin took for tweaking his opponents in the SEC you would think that Slick Rick would get some of the same recognition or notoriety.

Either he just threw his first punch across town, or he's been watching too much Jersey Shore.

Watch out what you wish for homey you could go home with your teeth in your pocket...