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Kiffin has his first meeting with the team

Lane Kiffin had his first team meeting this afternoon...

"You guys signed here to win championships, and that's why we came here too," Kiffin told the players during a 20-minute team meeting in Heritage Hall this afternoon. "We're here to win championships every single year."

Standing behind a podium at the front of the room, Kiffin discussed his open-door policy, "extremely aggressive" style and high standards for excellence, among other topics, during the speech in Heritage Auditorium. As USC aims to climb back up under Kiffin, the new coach said their work begins now with the offseason strength and conditioning session.

"This place wasn't built because you're five-star recruits," Kiffin said. "It was built because we outworked everybody in the country."

After a brief address from assistant head coach and defensive line coach Ed Orgeron, Kiffin closed the meeting out by offering bright hope for the future.

"Everybody in this room has a clean slate," Kiffin told the players. "I don't care how many touchdowns you've scored, if you've been in trouble before or what. I don't have a depth chart right now.

"This is a new day."

This is what FB Stanley Havili had to say...

"We’ve been doing the same thing for a long time," Havili said. "Even though [Kiffin] was under coach Carroll, I feel like with Coach O back it’s a whole different mentality."

The new chapter is opened today...