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BREAKING NEWS: Chow Not Coming to 'SC

It's hard to know what to believe at this point in time, but if the word of ESPN's Bruce Feldman is any indication, it does not appear as if the sought-after Norm Chow will be joining Lane Kiffin at USC as the team's offensive coordinator anytime soon. Feldman's twitter reported the news regarding Chow earlier this morning:

Norm Chow NOT going to #USC. Must say in what has been a bizarre week, Chow working with the Kiffins would've been the most stunning of all.

Yesterday, Kiffin told KLAC AM 570 radio that he expected to be calling the plays for the Trojans in the coming years, which likely created a stickling point in the negotiations between USC and Chow:

During the interview, he was asked by Matt Smith: "Do you want to calls the (offensive) plays at USC?"

Kiffin: "Yeah, I would anticipate that. ... I would anticipate that because I've always done that ... but you never know."

Just a mere twelve hours after these comments were made, Chow reportedly rejected a multi-million dollar offer to become 'SC's offensive coordinator.

And it makes perfect sense. Chow isn't going to play second-fiddle to anybody, and if the Trojans aren't willing to come up with the exact sum of money he wants, then it should comes as no surprise that he is staying put in Westwood.