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Kiffin Presser Recap

OK, so that was nice...

There really isn't much to say that is earth shattering. Kiffin seemed nervous, that really isn't surprising. This is a big deal for is his dream job so he had to have some butterflies especially with all the events of yesterday.

After all the usual pleasantries and platitudes Kiffin stated that starting today they were going to run a clean and disciplined program. That of course set up the question that we all knew would come up...

And it was Simers who pulled the trigger.

Did Ed Orgeron call UT mid term enrolled students on his way out the door?

Kiffin deflected it but was clear that he wasn't prepared to tangle with Simers. After 3-4 minutes of back and forth Mike Garrett stepped in to move the presser along.

I don't know what the truth is, but I would suspect that Coach O did make the calls. I didn't know the rules until can't call students once they are enrolled. That seems like common sense to me.

I am not going to try and make excuses for it as they should know better. This isn't the best way to start off on the right foot.

But I am also not going to get worked up over it...

It will be addressed but Kiffin better be on the straight and narrow. He had better leave no doubt to make sure that the rules are followed. Simers question didn't bother me I think Kiffin needs to take some heat up front so that he gets his game face on right away with the L.A. press.

Kiffin is going to have to be on his best behavior and he has to keep his guard up.

You know it is going to be antagonistic as the press has already put a target on his chest...the press is chomping at the bit to get a pound of flesh.

Fine with us plenty of material for the future. I just wish I had a front row seat!