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[UPDATED] Norm Chow IS in play... (maybe)

Take it with a grain of salt but Norm Chow is in play...

USC is talking to Norm Chow and salary figures being discussed are between $1-1.5 million per season.

Now this is contradictory from what we heard from Chow's agent earlier today, but come on. If he was staying at ucla he would have issued a statement by now.

Yes, he is in Florida at a coaching conference but I am sure they have fax machines and phones there.

I think 1.5 mil is a bit high but it is not my money...benefits of a private institution.

On a side note...Is Rick Neuheisel going to try and stop Chow from going? He would be crazy to keep a guy around who clearly does not want to be there. Is Neuheisel nuts? Why stand in the way? the fallout with that would be even more damaging to the team. Neuheisel should cut ties and go in a different direction.

I hope Neuheisel goes after Leach, I mean how much fun would those games be!!

We'll keep you posted...

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UPDATE: Obviously the situation is fluid so who knows what is really going on...

Everyone should probably relax a little bit regarding the Norm Chow situation. He is flying back to L.A. right now from Florida while Lane Kiffin is flying in from Tennessee. They have not even spoken to each other yet, so even though USC wants Chow, whether there can be a comfortable pairing needs to be discussed.

Something might happen tonight. Or tomorrow. But right now, not a lot of action. It will need to be wrapped up in the next day, however, because no one wants to be left dangling.

This is why Wolf is unreliable...which is why I said above take it with a grain of salt...

Maybe Chow comes maybe he doesn’t…I will live either way.

But why would Neuheisel keep Chow around if Chow doesn’t want to be there?

Chow could have shut this down with a statement as soon as it broke…I mean they do have phones, faxes and internet connections in Florida so he could have reached out to any one of his contacts in the press (or his agent) to get the word out. I stand by remarks in the comments of another thread, Chow did reach out to USC a while back. He is not totally happy at ucla or with Rick Neuheisel. Sure he could make it work this year but how will he make it work next year when ucla can't match what he is making now?

He didn’t so what does that tell you.

I will feel better with this hire if Chow comes aboard. If not I'll ain't the end of the world. Two out of three ain't bad...