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Norm Chow is not the USC Offensive Coordinator Right Now

Despite several internet reports and clamoring from message board geeks, Norm Chow is not the USC offensive coordinator as of 11:10 PM PST. Chow still remains employed by UCLA as their offensive coordinator. For how much longer? That remains to be seen. However, here is what we do know about his status:

-According to the Los Angeles Times, USC and Chow are currently in discussion about joining Kiffin's staff but nothing has been finalized.

-USC desperately wants Chow and is prepared to throw piles of money at him.

-But Chow really wants a hefty salary, similar to what he got from the Tennessee Titans a few years ago. He has told people he would only return to USC under the condition of receiving "NFL-type money." Will 'SC go that high?

-His UCLA salary isn't too bad. Yes, he makes just $690,000, but if he stays in Westwood, he will earn a $250,000 retention bonus on April 1. Based on finances alone, it would be more than reasonable if Chow does decide to return to Neuheisel's staff

-For the most part, this is all we really know. Essentially, the only known fact is that USC and Chow are reportedly in "negotiations." Whether that means 'SC is simply gauging Chow's interest or actually working out the details on a contract remains to be seen.

-In the meanwhile, ParagonSC and I will keep you posted as this story develops in the comings hours/days.

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