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Quick Thoughts on the Kiffin Hiring...

An interesting turn of events to be sure....

The Good:

Sounds like the players are on board...Just heard Mark Tyler on ESPN News sounding really happy about it. Remember Kiffin recruited many of the upperclassmen so they know him.

If it is true that Coach O is back that saves much if not all of the recruiting class.

Bringing Monte Kiffin will give us the same Tampa II defense but hopefully he has some new twists.

The Unknown:

Kiffin had some issues with secondary violations with the NCAA. That's a concern with the NCC getting ready to meet in February. He will need to be on his best behavior.

The Bad:

This hire is going to draw a lot of scrutiny. There will be many that will not like it, and USC will get hammered for it if fails.


Not surprising...our friends across town have already posted a link to the NYT article from December about "wide-ranging investigation" into Kiffin.

Not surprising at all...let the games continue!