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Report: Mike Garrett Not Leading Coaching Search

Note from Paragon 1:25AM EST - Brooks did not source check this, he took all of this from a premium message board so be careful about the validity of the material in this post. Some of it may be right but most is speculation. This is why I said NOT to get all worked up over rumors, we don't know exactly what the story is behind the scenes...

With the recent resignation of Pete Carroll, there are plenty of rumors floating around the blogosphere in regards to who his replacement will be. While it can be difficult to know which source is credible at this point in time, it is interesting to note that, according to SPORTSbyBROOKS, current athletic director Mike Garrett will not be the one conducting the search:

Sources familiar with the USC Board of Trustees and the Trojans coaching situation told me today that USC Board of Trustee members Pat Haden and Ed Roski are leading the search for USC's next football coach.

Trustee Chair Roski is a billionaire real estate developer who also is the leading figure in the push to bring the NFL back to L.A. and Haden is a former USC and NFL QB, current football announcer and prominent local businessman.

Yesterday I reported that USC Athletic Director Mike Garrett's decision-making power at the school had diminished recently and that Garrett was likely to "retire" at the same time USC School President Steven Sampledoes in August.

Is Brooks correction in his report that Garrett is completely uninvolved in the search and that Haden and Roski are the ones pulling the strings? I have my doubts. But the mere fact that Garrett may not be hand-picking the next coach is certainly a comforting thought for Trojan fans.

After all, this is the same incompetent athletic director, who hired arguably the worst coach in school history, Paul Hackett, and in 2000, targeted four potential coaches before then-associate athletic director Daryl Gross made the recommendation of hiring Pete Carroll for the head coaching vacancy.

I don't think anybody anticipates lightening to strike twice with Garrett at the helm.