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Pete Carroll Resigns as USC's Head Coach

I don't reallly have much to offer on this.

I will have more tomorrow, but I did want to put something up of substance.

It is pretty much being reported everywhere that Pete Carroll has turned in his resignation but we have yet to hear that from USC or Carroll himself.

I am not upset...this all makes perfect sense. When you look back on the season you could see the toll being taken. Pete Carroll has said in the past that a coaches message tends wear thin within 5-7 years...Carroll has been at USC for 9. It is clear that it was time for him and time for USC.

The reasons at this point are immaterial...people will and have already drawn their own conclusions. That is fine, but we must move on...

So where are we?

Hard to say, there are rumors that Mike Riley will not be coming and that Jack Del Rio is the #1 candidate but again that is speculation. Del Rio is still employed by Jacksonville. There are other names out there. Guys like Mariucci I have read are interested in the job...why not? USC is an elite job who wouldn't want it.

This my personal opinion but I see Garrett's finger prints all over this.

Think about it...

1) Messy exit
2) Non-communication
3) Disrespect of the players/recruits

Remind you of anything or anyone?


Tim Floyd

This is Garrett's MO

When has Pete Carroll ever treated his players or recruits like this.

Pete Carroll always communicates with recruits and he always looks out for his players.

I realize that in this situation that PC couldn't contact players or recruits directly but Garrett certainly could have. He could have directed the coaches to make sure they were looked after and he didn't.

I really don't have much more to offer right now.

If you guys see anything post it up in the FanPosts...I will be back on it first thing in the AM...