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Conquest Chronicles Links for 9/8

Guys...I have an urgent work issue that came up today. My posting will be extremely limited over the next few days. This obviously couldn't come at a worse time with one of the biggest games of the season this weekend. Any interesting info you guys come across please put it up as a FanPost or FanShot. We will bump things acoordingly. Thanks for your understanding...I am a very critical time in my work as we make the final push towards years end. I hope to get some substantive posts up later this week as things become more the mean time here are some links...

Bradford finally makes it all the way back for USC -

Offense even better than it looked? -

ESPN Writer Rips Lupica Via Twitter -- NCAA Football FanHouse

Offensive linemen made presence felt --
USC's offensive line has played only one game in its current configuration and is readying for a test on Saturday at Ohio State.

USC football coach Carroll: Offense need not be fancy - LA Daily News

USC must be careful with its Pryor commitments --
Jethro Franklin has seen it before.

USC enjoys taking its big show on the road - Pac-10 - ESPN

Pac-10's best recruiting closer? Pete Carroll - Pac-10 - ESPN

USC vs. SJSU Defensive Interviews - Video

Buckeyes' Pryor always center of attention -

USC's Barkley just has fun in stellar season debut - College Football -

Buckeyes aware of reputation as big-game failures - College Football -

Commentary: Carroll's got his guys listening - College Football -
Pete Carroll gets a lot of credit for his approach to the mental side of football and life