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USC Trojans vs. San Jose Spartans: Post Game Thread

Final - 9.5.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
San Jose St. Spartans 3 0 0 0 3
USC Trojans 0 28 14 14 56

Well, it was an interesting first quarter with two fumbles and SC being shut out while SJSU picked up a field goal but they got it all together and steamrolled San Jose State.

Here is the Game Recap

Matt Barkley passed for 233 yards after a slow start to his Southern California debut, and the No. 4 Trojans' fleet of tailbacks ran for six touchdowns in a 56-3 victory over San Jose State on Saturday.

Barkley, the first non-redshirt freshman to start a season opener at USC, shook off a rocky first quarter to go 15 for 19 with no interceptions.

He was at his best handing off to his fellow Trojans, who pounded the Spartans with six consecutive TD drives after trailing 3-0 early in the second quarter.

USC's formidable offensive line cleared the way for 343 yards rushing, along with two scores apiece by Stafon Johnson and Joe McKnight. Barkley's only TD pass put USC up 42-3 midway through the third quarter.

Pretty much like we thought.

SC wore them down, you could see the gap in talent once SC settled down.

- - -

Some quick observations in no particular order...

- I would have liked to have seen Carroll and Bates let Barkley take this thing out for spin and get some comfort throwing the ball down field. He had a number of throws that were high that could be an issue against a much better defense.

- I was not happy with the two fumbles and the one ball that Anthony McCoy let fall out of his hands even though he was ruled out of bounds. They need to tighten that up and quick.

- The running game looked pretty solid with everyone getting into the game and making a contribution.

- The receivers looked pretty good Dwill got most of the touches but David Ausberry had some great catches as well.

- Stanley Havili looked to be Barkley's favorite target...he had to be happy with his production.

- - -

Here are some numbers...

19 tackles for loss

620 total yards...278 passing/342 rushing

Most important was that Barkley didn't throw a pick

So all in all it was a great outing. It was not perfect but I did not expect it to be. We have some work to do to get ready for Ohio St. The had their issues today against Navy but I think they were looking ahead to us and you could tell that they kept the playbook relatively light.

We will have more tomorrow.

This our post game thread.