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Stafon Johnson has 7 hours of surgery to repair damaged Larynx and vocal cords

When I called it a night around midnight eastern time Stafon Johnson was still in surgery. Surgery that started around 2pm west coast time.

As Loco noted, Garry

Here is the statement from the hospital..

California Hospital's trauma team today treated Stafon Johnson for crushing injuries to his neck as well as severe lanrygeal injuries.

According to Dr. Gudata Hinika, trauma medical director at California Hospital, the patient came in with a threatened airway and required extensive specialized surgery by an otolaryngologist, which took a little over 7 hours to complete.

The patient is in critical but stable condition. His post-surgical prognosis is good.

The structures that were reconstructed were as follows:

Crushed vocal chord
Adam's apple
torn muscles

The hospital spokesman also stated that while Johnson's prognosis is good and that they expect a full recovery he is not expected to play football again this season.

That is an understatement...I would say that Johnson ever playing football again is a long shot.

The next few weeks are critical in Johnson's recovery. There are complications that can arise, infection being one of them. I am not even thinking about football at this point...I really could care less.I am more concerned about a person who fought through some pretty tough things to be the "guy" on this team. We have all watched him grow and mature from those early days when he sat on the bench sulking.

Dan Woike from sums it up best...

Johnson is more than a name or a number. He’s not an anonymous guy with a helmet carrying the football. No, Johnson is a person with a huge personality, and he never let anyone forget it.

He’s always gracious with his time after practice, even after jokingly telling USC sports information that he’s too busy.

He didn’t flinch when USC coaches reduced his role this season, asking him to sacrifice carries in order to serve as the team’s short-yardage specialist.

No, Johnson put his team before his own goals.

This wasn’t the same kid who struggled with his playing time as a freshman. This was a grown up. This was a father. This was what Stafon Johnson had become.

I hate thinking about how the team, the coaches and the USC fans would’ve reacted had this not been Johnson who was injured but one of his teammates. The sentiments would probably have been just have strong, but because it was Johnson, a hometown hero from nearby Dorsey High School in Los Angeles, the feelings were overwhelming.

Now, all those worries, prayers and concerns have been shifted to feelings of joy, relief and praise.

Late Monday night, Johnson came out of seven hours of surgery with a good prognosis. Doctors at California Hospital announced the after a lengthy procedure to correct "crushing injuries to his neck" and "severe laryngeal injuries," Johnson was expected to make a full recovery.

Whether or not Johnson ever plays football for USC or any other team remains to be seen, but the man inside of the jersey will be OK. He’s a strong person with an incredibly strong support system.

And as I write these final words, I’m no longer worried for Stafon Johnson. I’m grateful he’s alive, and I’m thankful for the relief.

I could not have said it better...

Get well soon Stafon, your not being on the field is immaterial to me. Your being with your team as a leader and role model is of far greater importance...if this team wasn't together then they sure are now.