Stafon Full Recovery Expected

According to Garry Paskweitz of Stafon had surgery to reconstruct his vocal chords; the procedure ended around 10:00PM.

9:30pm update - Johnson is currently undergoing surgery to reconstruct his vocal chords, according to his father.

10:00pm - Stafon is now out of surgery.
11:00pm - Stafon is out of surgery and doctors are confident in his potential recovery. It's going to take some time before the healing process is complete but the prognosis is good.

Stafon had surgery for three things:

* Crushed vocal chord
* adam's apple
* torn muscles

The doctors took a break between surgeries during the day. He didn't require any transfusions during the surgeries and the doctors said he was "pretty strong" which helped limit the damage caused by the weight bar. Stafon was not able to talk at any point in the day after the accident.

if all goes well, the possibility is there for him to return to football next season.

11:30pm: ABC7 reported the surgery took seven hours, and according to a hospital spokesman Stafon will be out for the season, but he is expected to MAKE A FULL RECOVERY.


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