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Random thoughts and quick hits

I am picking through some of the online articles that popped up in my reader this morning...

It is Cal week!

With both USC and Cal dropping some tough games the past couple of weeks this game does not have as much of a national implication as it did two weeks ago. That being said it does have Pac-10 implications...Cal desperately wants to unseat SC as the Pac-10 champs but they have some work to do.

Chris Dufresne has some thoughts...

Two thoughts to take out of Saturday: Never, EVER trust an e-mail that says you inherited millions, or California football.

The Gummy Bears botched it again, charging out to an early 3-0 lead at Oregon before allowing the next 42 points in a defeat in Eugene that left legions of Cal followers muttering that old Bill Parcells refrain, "You are what you are."

What kind of preparatory work was this in advance of incoming USC?

Tie-dye shirt vendors in Berkeley are busy working on the latest prints:

* Cal: "Trying to get it right since Wrong Way Roy."

* Cal: "We're always shaky -- we live on a fault line."

* Cal: "No Heisman Trophy Winners . . . through 2009?"

After 42-3, with all that was at stake, after recovering the opening kickoff and then settling for a field goal after not giving one ball touch to the nation's best running back, what else could you say?


That is going to leave a mark!

I don't know what Cal team is going to show up any more than I know what SC team is going to show up. Both teams have issues. Both teams have some talent, both teams have high expectations and both teams have not lived up to them. There is a lot of anger on the Cal boards just like we saw on thr SC boards last wek.

- - -

Somebody needs to sit in the penalty box...

I am not a conspiracy theorist but come on...I saw more than a few holding penalties that were not called on WSU last night. SC did have some poor discipline but it is once again clear that there is a discrepency in how penalties are called against USC...

Pete Carroll has some thoughts...

We had so many situations that we made it hard on ourselves," Coach Pete Carroll said. "We couldn’t get any flow at all."

USC committed seven penalties for 75 yards in the first quarter.

"It’s not the stuff that’s indicative of playing good football," Carroll said.

As Gary Klein noted...

Ya Think!

- - -

The OCR offers up 5 observations on the Trojans-Cougars.

1. Lies, damned lies …
What a strange game. Washington State actually had more first downs than USC (18-14), ran more plays (77-51) and a had a huge edge in time of possession (36:09-23:51). Yet USC had nearly twice as many yards (403-229) and was in control throughout. If the Trojans punch the ball in on those two fourth-and-goal situations — from the 2 and the 1 — it’s a different score and a different feeling afterward. But they didn’t, underscoring the fact that, at least offensively, they need to get a lot better.

Yeah, well see Manning, Peyton last Monday against the Fish...

- - -

I am sure they had better things to do but were the Pac-10 refs on Crack?

During a TV timeout in the fourth quarter, referees deemed the two-toned cardinal-and-gold sleeves of tailback Curtis McNeal to be noncompliant for the team's uniform, so tight ends coach Brennan Carroll hastily cut them off on the field with scissors from an athletic trainer.

Jeez, worry about getting the calls right will 'ya!

- - -

USC football: All-American safety Taylor Mays managing knee injury

Taylor Mays, USC’s All-American safety, returned to the starting lineup and made four tackles in the Trojans’ 27-6 victory over Washington State. Mays wore a brace to protect the right knee sprain he suffered two weeks ago at Ohio State,...

We will need him Next weekend!

- - -

Nick Perry setting the pace for quarterback sack.

USC defensive end Nick Perry entered Saturday night’s 27-6 victory over Washington State as the Pacific 10 Conference sack leader.

And Perry got two more to increase his total to six.

Not bad for a redshirt freshman who has yet to start a game for the Trojans.

Asked to explain the secret for his success, Perry said, "I can’t really say -- it’s just a feeling when I get out there. Once I get in the zone, it’s like me against the quarterback."

Nick Perry is a monster...Thank god we have him!

- - -

ESPN has USC playing Iowa in the Rose Bowl...