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BlogPoll Ballot End of Week #4 - DRAFT

Well, it was another weekend of carnage as we saw a number of top 10 teams go down in defeat.

I think this ballot is a little whacked out but we are starting to to see some things take shape.

So, here it is...

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 2
2 Texas
3 Florida 2
4 Virginia Tech 5
5 LSU 3
6 Boise State 1
7 Cincinnati 7
8 TCU 8
9 Southern Cal 2
10 Ohio State 2
11 Oklahoma 2
12 Houston
13 Mississippi 7
14 Penn State 9
15 Kansas 4
16 Oklahoma State 1
17 Georgia 3
18 Miami (Florida) 8
19 Missouri 2
20 Michigan 4
21 Brigham Young 1
22 Utah 1
23 Stanford
24 Notre Dame
25 Nebraska
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: California (#4), Florida State (#15), North Carolina (#18).

Explanations for the Top 10 after the jump...

Alabama - Simply playing the best football I have seen to date this season. They haven't been perfect but they sure have been fun to watch. This was the year that many thought that they would break through even though they looked pretty good last year until they played Utah. The meat of the schedule is coming up.

Texas - They made quick work of UTEP. Colt McCoy seems to be hitting his stride...

Florida - I really thought they would do more against Tennessee and even though they handled Kentucky with ease their wins have not been as impressive as Alabama's. The other problem is that they really haven't played anyone of note. What was Meyer thinking keeping Tebow in with a comfortable lead...Oh, I know...he was padding Tebow's Heisman Stats.

VA Tech. - The Hokies seem to be coming to life. We have heard a lot about Miami in the past few weeks but Beamer Ball was in full force on Saturday.

LSU - They had one hell of a scare on Saturday, though I have to admit I was impressed with their special teams and the defenses goal line stand at the end of the game to preserve the win. This was the toughest spot to fill for me...

Boise State - They continue to roll. Oregon's rout of Cal makes BSU look all the more impressive. They are the first in line to be a BCS buster...

Cincinnati - These guys just keep humming along. They are the class of the Big East. That was a nice win in Corvallis as we know how crazy that place can be...

TCU - Another potential BCS buster? I know I am being liberal here, they are probably too high. But they are playing some good football...

USC - Well, you know...

Ohio State - This was another tough spot to fill. It was them or Oklahoma. I don't want to here any more noise about Illinois or Juice Williams...

Some side notes...

I dumped Cal out of my poll because once again they they had it right in their grasp and they got blitzed...BAD!

Notre Dame showed some grit on that last drive on the road so they are in this week.

Stanford is about to break through in a big way. I was never sold on UW being in the Top 25 but Stanford still took care of business. They are in the drivers seat...for now.

Houston makes a big splash in my poll with a nice win against TT. They are probably too as well but they deserve some recognition.

Let me know where I messed away!