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Washington Game Day Links

I will have a more detailed write-up later on todays game against Washington but I wanted to put up some links to get the day started.

Here is the first...and I find it to be tedious.

Ex-USC assistants searching for stamp of approval - LA Daily News
Scott Wolf's Take on Sarkisian and Holt

There is some validity to this piece, though not very much. Once again, in Wolf's attempt to NOT look like a USC homer he over compensates with some of his observations (Petros is in the same boat but that is a whole different conversation). We have seen this time and again from Wolf, especially with his whack-job AP ballots. We see it constantly whether it is his insentive reporting/speculation on the death of USC kicker Mario Danelo or his attacks on some former USC players like Matt Leinart and with his inaccurate reporting like LenDale White's failed pre-draft drug test. Time and again Wolf shows us why the newspaper business is dying and why the print media is becoming more and more irrelevant. The one that really made me laugh and showed just how bad a reporter he is was the most innocuous of all...CJ Spiller was coming to USC.

I am not quite sure what Wolf is looking for. Would he prefer that USC returned to the days of Paul Hackett? He could really unload on SC then.

But you know what?

I can piss and moan all I want it won't change a thing. it doesn't matter what I say because Jonathan Tu does eloquently what I could never do...

The case against Scott Wolf - 82 Sluggo Win
And Jonathan Tu responds

Tu also answers the the most obvious question that many will ask...once again he is spot on in his repsonse!

The obvious question is, "Why don’t you just not read him?" The obvious answer is that I read everybody, and everything, related to USC football. The less obvious answer is that Scott Wolf offends me in a way not even Skip Bayless is capable of: he continues to get paid to write, poorly, about my first love. And I feel like it’s my duty to be there when he fucks up, if only to say, "Hey. Dick. You fucked up. Stay the hell away from my baby."

Tu is dead on in wanting to read anything and everything on USC football. It is what got me started on the whole odessy to begin with. I feel the same way about Matt Hayes and Greeg Doyel. I need every piece of information about this team out there...right or wrong, good or bad. But the change will be in how or if I use it. The dilema is if I use any of it I have to link to it...OK, so don't use it but some say don't even click through it...less clicks send a strong message, especially if it is in big numbers...

- - -

Here the rest of the links...

Matt Barkley's cool turns up the heat --
Dufresne's Mail Bag

Aaron Corp will provide a different look for USC --

Angels woo Jake Locker; he focuses on Washington-USC game --

5 reasons UW means more than OSU -

Aaron Corp will get the start at quarterback --

No shortage of storylines when Huskies host USC - Seattle PI

New-look Washington gets litmus test against USC - Seattle Times

I will have more later before the game...