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USC's Aaron Corp will get the call to start on Saturday against Washington


Not surprised at all...

USC quarterback Aaron Corp has been chosen to start the Trojans' Pac-10 opener against Washington on Saturday, a person briefed on the decision told ESPN's Joe Schad on Friday.

Freshman Matt Barkley is expected to retain his status as starter when he is healthy enough to resume throwing, the source said. Barkley continues to experience pain in his bruised right (throwing) shoulder, which was injured in the third-ranked Trojans' 18-15 victory at Ohio State last weekend.

USC coach Pete Carroll said Thursday that Barkley is improving every day, and Carroll wants to give him as much time as possible to heal before ruling him out against Washington.

I love all the second guessing I am reading out there in regards to who should start versus who will start. I guess I am not really seeing what the big debate is about. We have enough talent at the QB spot for three different teams...the plays are the same and the supporting cast is the same. We are a hell of a lot luckier with our depth then say ucla who might start that turnover machine Kevin Craft.

I understand that there different camps of thinking on this but I do not know why so many are getting so worked up? I really could not care less who is under center as long as whomever is there gives us the best chance to win. I don't know why Carroll is waiting to the last minute to make a decision but that is what he gets paid the big bucks for so I am inclined to just sit back and watch it unfold.

Of course others smell a conspiracy...

Despite what Musburger and many others have proclaimed about The Next John Elway, Joe McKnight won that game last week. Ask Homan. Or Jim Tressel.

Why is this significant? Because the last thing USC needs right now is a quarterback controversy. And if Barkley can't go against Washington this weekend because of a bruised shoulder, backup Aaron Corp will take over and the offense will suddenly have an added dimension it hasn't had since Pete Carroll arrived at Troy in 2001.

Yes, everyone, the Trojans will have a quarterback who can hurt you with his legs, too. Remember, Corp won the job in spring practice -- clearly won it -- and was the leader going into fall camp and Com-Pete was gushing about Corp's potential. Then Corp broke a bone in his leg and got Wally Pipp'd.

Make no mistake: Corp is good, really good. That he can scramble and make plays with his legs -- and throw with accuracy on the run -- gives the predictable USC offense more of a threat from the most important position on the field. USC didn't need to score last week because Ohio State couldn't do anything offensively -- and that had very little to do with the USC defense (see: Ohio State vs. Navy). If Ohio State had any semblance of offense, it would've won that game by two touchdowns. (Quick aside to wacko USC fans: If Ohio State is overrated, so is USC).

Whatever...welcome to the big time kids, you better get used to it because it gets much worse at the next level!

News Flash! Pete Carroll has a thing for Matt Barkley!

It is nothing against Aaron Corp; it is just clear that Carroll looks at Barkley and sees the prototypical NFL style QB. Yes, Corp gives the USC offense the added dimension of mobility and that has its advantages but Carroll is an NFL guy and he looks at QB's in that light.

There is no question that Corp has better grasp of the playbook, he is more comfortable in running the plays and yes he has shown to make better decisions when running the offense. Unfortunately he was injured Barkley stepped up and where we are is where we are. All this snark about not losing job if you ae injured or questioning whether or not there really is a level playing field in regards to competing for the job is for people looking to make some noise.

Maybe Pete Carroll is just making sure that everyone is on the same page and focused in on a game that is seen as a trap game by many after that huge win last Saturday...

But with Barkley still sidelined because of a shoulder injury, third-year sophomore Aaron Corp will almost certainly make his first collegiate start.

"This is what he's been preparing for all along," Carroll said after practice. "It's been in his mind that he's the starter."

So what's going on in Carroll's mind?

With Barkley possibly sidelined, running back Joe McKnight trying to overcome illness and safety Taylor Mays nursing a knee injury, Carroll is not about to willingly provide his former offensive and defensive coordinators with any concrete information that would help them hone their game plan and pull off an upset.

The Trojans also are coming off an emotional victory over Ohio State, the same scenario that contributed to a letdown and loss in their Pac-10 opener last season at Oregon State.

Carroll, therefore, appears to be doing everything possible to sharpen his players' competitive edge.

His quarterbacks included.

"Aaron knows he's ready to go," Carroll said. "I've told him, 'Get ready. You have to be thinking and preparing like you're starting the football game.'"

That seemed obvious as Barkley did not practice for the fourth consecutive day.

Maybe Caroll has learned from last years letdown against Oregon St. ensuring that his players will not fall prey to over looking a UW team that has fallen on hard times the past few years. Maybe he is just trying to keep Sark and Holt guessing.

We really can't know because we are not in PC's head.

You can make the argument about whether or not this is about competing or simply playing favorites...if that is what floats your boat that's cool but the only thing I care about is the score at the end of the game.

I do n ot expect Barkley to start but again I am not sure what Carroll is thinking. Conventional wisdom would indicate that if a player doesn't run with the first team that is it would be pretty difficult to implement the game package but that is why I write about it and that is why they play....

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Baucham Update

Here is a little more on Brian Baucham's accident/injury

USC cornerback Brian Baucham did not practice and will miss Saturday's Pacific 10 Conference opener at Washington after suffering injuries in a motorcycle accident Thursday morning, the school announced.

Baucham, a redshirt freshman from Torrance, was traveling north on the Harbor Freeway when the accident occurred.

Baucham was taken to the hospital and treated for abrasions and was recovering at home, the school said.

Why anyone would get on a motorcycle is beyond me...they are just bad news waiting to happen. There are two types of motorcycle riders...those who have crashed and those who are going to crash.

That also makes the secondary lineup a little dicey...

The Trojans secondary situation was complicated when freshman cornerback Brian Baucham was injured riding a motorcycle to school Thursday. Baucham, USC's extra back in the nickel package, was treated at a local hospital and released. His status for Saturday is uncertain, Carroll said.

Strong safety T.J. McDonald will take over the nickel spot if Baucham cannot play, Carroll said. …

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