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Evening Football Notes

Just a few quick hits...

The OCR is reporting that Matt Barkley still unable to throw...

Quarterback Matt Barkley again was limited to handoffs because of a bruised throwing shoulder, and his status for Saturday’s game at Washington remains uncertain. Barkley said he tried to throw in the morning but experienced too much pain. His motion also is restricted.

Aaron Corp took the first-team reps and estimated that he’s 95 percent after missing much of training camp (and losing his starting job) because of a cracked left fibula.

Not surprising as a bruise gets worse before it gets better. Things tighten up and then they will loosen up. Like said earlier, If Barkley can't go Corp should be ready to go...I am really not concerned.

- - -

One thing Pete Carroll is keeping an eye on is how Matt Barkley is handling all the increased attention he received since the win in Columbus...

"We sat down last night and talked about how Matt’s handling the attention and the constant questioning and all that stuff," Carroll said. "There’s an innocence there that it’s great to see. He’s having fun. This does not change who he is. He clearly stated that and understands that. But we have to keep in contact with that. You know, stay around and hang with the people you always hang with. Stay close to us, you know. Don’t get very far away from the way we do things at any time.

"We’re watching him as he’s trying to figure it out, too," Carroll continued. "It’s an amazing shift in focus and attention here in the last month or so. And these kinds of games are only going to add to that. He knows that our quarterbacks in the past have had to deal with this kind of attention, and he’s preparing. He’s learning as he’s going. He handled himself beautifully. He does things so gracefully that you think he’s going to be able to handle everything. We’re going to watch him carefully through this, support him throughout and his family as well."

Not surprising...

I can only imagine the amount of attention that he is getting. Barkley is special, he has handled this incredibly well and he does have a great support network behind him. He will have some slip ups but for now he needs to enjoy what he has accomplished but not let it get too far out infront of him.

I think he will be fine.

- - -

Anyone else worried about a letdown?

We have seen it before after a huge win but I think this will be a different situation this week when SC takes on UW. There is, of course, a certain familiarity with the staff at UW.

USC is unlikely to repeat last season’s post-Ohio State letdown because there’s way too much awareness of the possibility.

Of course, as Pete Carroll conceded Monday, he knew it was coming last year heading into the Oregon State game and was powerless to stop it.

"I was preparing to prevent that the last time around," Carroll said, chuckling.

"I told the guys. I told the whole story about it, that I had seen it coming in the spring. And we still didn’t perform like we were capable.

"This time around … I’m not skirting around the issue. I just told them straight up what my concerns were."

Pete Carroll knows what is at stake. He does not want a newly resurgent UW to put a USC pelt on their wall. He recognizes the relationships and is going to enjoy playing UW.

He is proud of Sarkisian and happy that SS has the opportunity to stake his own claim.

Sarkisian knows the road he has traveled as well and he will take every opportunity to make this work. Some were not happy with some of Sarkisians play calling, myself included, but there isn't another coach I would be happier to see succeed other than Sark.

- - -

Give me your thoughts on this rubbish...

See above...I mean I think SC will be up for this game. There are many story lines that will play out. PC is aware of what is on the line so he isn't going to overlook the Huskies.

- - -

If you thought Pete was worried about Terrelle Pryor you should see what he thinks about Washington QB Jake Locker...

Already this week, the USC coach has called the Washington quarterback one of his favorite players and said he’s a better runner than Ohio State’s Terrelle Pryor.

Now there’s this:

"I would bet he’s worth five or six games last year, at least, maybe more. How many players can you say that about? I think he’s that special. He’s a dynamic football player with leadership skills, speed, arm, playmaking ability. He’s an incredible athlete."

Locker is special and he has a few weapons on offense but UW is a little supect on defense. Locker can't do it all himself so f SC gets rolling on offense will Locker try to keep up all by himself?

- - -

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