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Closing the book on Ohio State

Just some links from yesterdays reporting on Saturday's BIG win...

USC's McKnight starting to live up to hype - Sporting News

Toughness defines this USC team - College Football -

Has Joe McKnight Grown Up? - The Quad Blog -
Joe McKnight had a slow start against Ohio State, but was superb on U.S.C.'s winning drive

The Wiz of Odds: Let the Voting Begin for Poster Primary No. 9
Great stuff from The Wiz...

USC football: 5 observations on Trojans-Buckeyes -

Barkley looked more mature than Pryor - FOX Sports

USC freshman quarterback Matt Barkley shone on Week 2's biggest stage - ESPN
Matt Barkley wasn't perfect in USC's 18-15 win over Ohio State. But in leading the Trojans on a last-minute, come-from-behind drive, USC's freshman QB proved he has what it takes to be great.

New faces emerge to produce familiar results for resilient Trojans - Stewart Mandel -
We've seen USC win no shortage of big games during Pete Carroll's tenure, but it's been four years since we saw them do it quite so dramatically.

The Heisman Trophy, presidential trivia and more - Norman Chad -
When did the Heisman Trophy race become lengthier and costlier than a presidential campaign?

USC's Chris Galippo gets to talk about his big day --
USC linebacker Chris Galippo planned to stay in Ohio through the weekend to visit with relatives from the Midwest.

SHELBURNE: USC tailback McKnightmight finally be living up to expectations - LA Daily News

Trojans win, Buckeyes gag yet again |
Brutal honesty...

Deconstructing: The grisly demise of 'Tresselball' - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF - Yahoo! Sports
Another Brutally honest piece...

Ohio State discovers an entirely new brand of disappointment - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF - Yahoo! Sports

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