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Looks like we got us some UW billboard material

Well that didn't take long, looks like Washington week is starting a little early...

Looks like Chris Polk and Quinton Richardson want to up the ante...

Two current players — running back Chris Polk and cornerback Quinton Richardson — were already talking about the USC game shortly after UW’s 42-23 win over Idaho on Saturday.

Richardson went as far as to promise a win over the third-ranked Trojans.

"Guaranteed," he said, nodding his head.

And Polk was vowing revenge on the program to which he originally committed two years ago before switching to UW a few months later.

"It’s a little personal battle for me," he said.

Polk added that he’s been looking forward to this game for awhile. A shoulder injury kept him out of the 2008 meeting with USC, and now the redshirt freshman is excited to finally get his chance.

"I think there’s a little more at stake because they didn’t take it too lightly when I de-committed to come here, he said Saturday while sitting in an interview room at UW. "They were kind of talking stuff when I was hurt last year, so I feel like I have to go out there and prove myself."

Asked what kind of "stuff" the Trojans had been talking, Polk mentioned some Internet photos that bothered him.

"They put my face on Al Bundy’s body," he said, referring to a character from the 1990s television show Married With Children. "So I feel like I’ve got to prove myself."

Richardson wasn’t so much vowing revenge as he was talking a big game Saturday afternoon. The sophomore from Renton said that, now that UW has a win under its belt, the Huskies expect to win every week.

That includes this week.

Wow! really?

Internet photo's? That's it?

Looks like someone is a bit thin skinned IF it actually happened. I absolutely know nothing about Richardson but Polk changed his commitment from USC because Polk's mom thought the depth was too deep at SC for Polk to see the field early...

That is fine, we had no ill will towards his decision, his mom also thought it would be beneficial for Chris to play under Ty Willingham...that is fine too but how did that work out. I guess I am not seeing the issue here. He made his choice and he moved on...SC moved on and we have been pretty productive while UW....well you know.

When are these kids ever going to win out of the last 16 does not make you a world beater.

Lets get the party started...It should be an interesting week...

UPDATE...I guess this is what Polk was refering to. Get a grip...