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GameDay Open Thread USC vs. Ohio State

It is all on these guys!

Well we are finally going to see just how good Matt Barkley is tonight as he goes up against a Top 10 Defense.

I will admit that I am little nervous about this game if for no other reason than Barkley's "inexperience". How will he handle the noise? How will handle the pressure. Will the USC O Line keep the pressure off of him?

If USC can establish the run against the tOSU defensive line then I think USC will be fine...If not a lot of it is going to fall on Barkley's moxy and improvisation. That is where we will see just how mature Barkley is.

So, leave your questions, comments and rants here...I may or may not be on the thread as I may be hooking up with some friends to watch the game later.

Lets get 'em!