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So how did you spend your summer...Kris O'Dowd

Here is a nice write-up on USC center Kris O'Dowd...

Center Kristofer O'Dowd is the anchor of one of America's most dominant offensive lines.

But this summer, he also became one of the anchors of a revolutionary elementary school outreach program.

As part of his Writing 340 class this summer, O'Dowd and a few of his USC classmates created a free online summer school website for elementary schools in the cash-strapped L.A. Unified School District. O'Dowd, a third-year starter for the Trojans, ran the language arts program for kindergartners through second-graders on, producing online content to help the kids through a summer that has seen all L.A. schools drop summer classes for financial reasons.

O'Dowd and his classmates worked with teacher Mark Marino of Hancock Park Elementary School to create the unique website and then speak to the school's students on July 24.

Just another example of USC players giving back to the community. Especially when it comes to young kids.