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Pete Carroll is not worried about the NCAA

Nothing really bothers Pete Carroll, he just keeps on keepin' on..

USC coach Pete Carroll hasn’t had much to say about the NCAA’s investigation into the athletic department because, well, there isn’t much to say.

But he did say this to ESPN’s Joe Schad, who asked Carroll what he tells recruits and their parents when they ask him how the probe could affect them:

"After having done everything we possibly could to help them (NCAA investigators) with all the information, there is no involvement that’s going to get us in any kind of situation where it’ll affect these guys’ futures.

"Other than addressing it, answering their questions, we don’t have any more information than that. There’s really not much to this in that regard.

Until the NCAA finally gets around to making their findings known recruits see this as a small bump in the road. Recruits know what playing football at USC is all about. There is not another program that will prepare them for the next level better than USC.

So while the haters and detractors keep a candlelight vigil hoping that the NCAA will hammer USC to me it is pretty simple...

If it was so cut and dried...if it was such a slam dunk then why is it taking them so long to put forth a preliminary finding?

The NCAA has merge the Bush and Mayo investigations in an attempt to show a lack of institutional control...that doesn't bode well for thir case. SO untill they actullay put something on paper I am not going to worry about it. When they finally come up with something I will worry about then.