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USC's Aaron Corp Named to the O'Brien Watch List

And somebody isn't very happy about it!

The O'Brien watch list was announced and Aaron Corp made the list.

Now, I am not foolish enough to think that this is some sort of Epiphiny but just seeing Corp on the list is special. These days being the starting quarterback at USC will get you noticed even as a sophomore who has been named the starter.

Of course there are those who chose to be detractors out there.

The O'Brien watch list is a joke

Posted by Bob Rickert, community blogger August 04, 2009 06:51AM

There, I said it. Yes Oregon's Jeremiah Masoli is on it. Yes Kevin Riley and Jake Locker are on it too. But so is Aaron Corp. Aaron Corp? The same guy who has yet to start a college game is on the watch list to be named the nation's best college quarterback? Really?

That is surprising coming from Rickert. He is usually level headed but he seems to have lost some sense on this one.

Look, it is a wtach list not the final standings so I am not sure what the big deal is. Like I said, being the USC starting QB gets you alot of attention and recently it is seen as one of the most glorified positions in all of sports. SC has had an incredible run at the postition since Carroll got here. It is certainly not a given that Corp will be a finalist let alone run away with the award this year but to call it joke is a bit of a head-scratcher.

The other interesting thing is the recent article over in the OCR where Pete Carroll compares Corp to Joe Montana.

Here’s what Carroll said:

"The guy I hoped Aaron would be like would be what Joe Montana was like. You go back to what Joe was like, you hear about him in his younger years — he was so resourceful and had great accuracy but could always kill you with his legs. Stature-wise, slender.

"Way back when, when we first started recruiting Aaron, that’s kind of what I wondered: How would Joe have looked in high school? What kind of attributes did he have?

"We’ll find out (about Corp). Aaron’s got a knack. He was a great high school player (who) won a lot of different ways."

I trust Pete Carroll in his observations of his players but I am hesitant to make those assumptions without Corp not having taken a snap yet as a starter. There may be some similarities but I think we need to see some performance on the field first.

There will be a lot pressure on Corp and expectations will be high but Pete Carroll has been in this position before so I have no doubt that he will have Corp ready!