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USC Football News and Notes 8/30

Apologies for a lack of posting this weekend. Figured I would enjoy the last full weekend without football and spend some time with the family...

Lots of things to discuss from the past two days...

OK, so we already know about RoJo's injury and how that will affect the receiving corps. Devastating? Yes, but when one player goes down it gives another on the depth chart a chance to step up and make a name for himself. That person will be David Ausberry.

[B]ut any buzz about a quarterback controversy going into the opener against San Jose State was muted some by a broken collarbone suffered by receiver Ronald Johnson.

The junior, who was set to start opposite Damian Williams, was injured after catching a 34-yard pass from Barkley. He is expected to be sidelined at least six weeks.

"It's just a crusher," Carroll said.

Junior David Ausberry moves into the starting lineup and redshirt freshman Brice Butler is expected to join the receiver rotation.

This is definitely going to be a test, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Guys who are hungry will step up and make plays. We have head a lot about OZ in practice now he has to bring it on the field.

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As for the QB Barkley had a decent effort but he threw a pick and spent most of his time against the scout team defense. But in the limited action that Aaron Corp saw he had a pretty good showing as well. Of course there are still a lot of questions so let the conspiracy theories begin...

Saturday's USC scrimmage lent credence to the pro-Aaron Corp conspiracy theorists who believe Coach Pete Carroll would have promoted Matt Barkley regardless of Corp's health.

On a sizzling day at the Coliseum when Barkley threw an early interception — but bounced back to direct four touchdown drives — Corp showed flashes of the mobility he lacked after returning to practice from a cracked fibula.

After Corp (Orange Lutheran High) scrambled for 10 yards and finished the run with a slide, "he kind of gave me a little look, which was great," Carroll said. "To me, that was really an indicator. ... He showed that he's ready to play football for us."

Yeah well, the decision has been made so there is not point in trying to dissect what is going on. Those who I see whining on the various message boards that Corp should be the starter need to take a deep breath, chill out and get behind the decision that has been made. As I have noted before I really could care less who starts as long as SC wins. I always want our guys to do well and I always want the best players on the field but it is not my call and I don't have all the information so I will leave it to the coaches.

One thing is for sure, the coaching staff will force feed Barkley everything they can to get him ready for the opener against San Jose St. but they aren't aren't going to dumb it down for him either. Barkley is going to have run the offense the same way Mark Sanchez. There will be no compensating because Barkley is a freshman...

On Aug. 17, a week after Corp suffered a leg injury that ultimately doomed his chance to start, Barkley had an opportunity to take over the quarterback competition.

Instead, he threw his first pass into coverage and stumbled through a five-for-18 passing night.

Barkley has since shined at times, but he also has struggled at others with touch and interceptions.

That's not unusual for a young quarterback, but it could be problematic for a USC program that puts a premium on taking care of the ball.

"We're not making any concessions because he's a freshman," Carroll said.

Barkley, of course, is no ordinary freshman. He understands the offense better than Matt Leinart, John David Booty, Mark Sanchez or Corp did in their first training camps.

However, one of Barkley's greatest strengths is also one of his potential liabilities: his instinct.

The 6-foot-2, 230-pound Barkley wants to make plays. Checking down to shorter routes and throwing the ball out of bounds when necessary go against his nature.

"It hasn't been how I've played in the past, so I'm molding myself to fit this role," Barkley said.

We are just going to have to be patient.

You can read more about the QB situation here...

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Here are some highlights from Saturday's scrimmage

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Great way to break in as a new blogger...real original, nice suck up job with the clowns from across town...

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We will start looking at SJSU this week...It's just about GO TIME!!!!