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SB Nations Pac-10 Preview!!

So, all of SB Nation's Pac-10 Bloggers got together and did a Pac-10 review. You have probably seen somw of the other sites put theirs up.

Our friends over at Coug Center led the charge and they did an Awesome job!! Make sure you check out everyone's write-up...they were all great.

Here is what I wrote about USC...

USC Trojans

By Conquest Chronicles

Overview: USC has faced using a new starting QB in the past and they have responded. The Trojans have all of their starters back on offense (except Patrick Turner) and although they are replacing most of the defense, the defense will be better in 2009 than a lot of people think. I do think the rest of the Pac-10 is catching up to USC, but until someone actually knocks USC out of the top spot ...

Key to Success: The QB position is the key to USC's success in 2009. With Aaron Corp out for a short time with an injury, don't go to sleep on true freshman Matt Barkley, who has really stunned many with quick grasp of the offense and his maturity at handling the pressure. Barkley has a ways to go, but he is a lot closer than others in his position in the past.

Potential Achilles Heel: See above ...

Best Case Scenario: USC Wins the Pac-10 but will probably have 1-2 losses.

Worst Case Scenario: USC loses the Pac-10 because of some bone headed loss in conference.

Likely Scenario: USC will have a tough time with their road schedule and their winning the Pac-10 will probably come down to the last week of the season.

This was fun and it was a great idea.

Can't wait for basketball...NOT!!