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Decisions, Decisions...

It looks like the QB competition is back on!

Aaron Corp threw in one on one drills yesterday and in seven on seven drills today. Matt Barkley has taken every snap since Corp went down in early August. Barkley has impressed but he hasn't been perfect. He has certainly impressed but now it is time for Pete Carroll to make a decision on who will start.

USC quarterback Aaron Corp appears to be on track to return to full-time duty next week. That would give him two weeks to prepare for the Sept. 5 season opener against San Jose State.

When Trojans coach Pete Carroll will decide on a starting quarterback remains anyone’s guess. Even Carroll isn’t sure.

"It’ll really just be a feeling," he said Wednesday. "I don’t have any number of days. We’re going to wait and see how he (Corp) looks, see how confident he is and see if he’s ready and willing and able to execute.

"I’m not going to guess. I’m just going to wait until I feel it.

"I can’t tell you any more than that. I don’t know if there’s a plan for this thing. We don’t have one in mind right now."

It is great to have depth but the flip side could also be that neither QB is ready to take the helm.

I doubt that though...

It is clear that both Corp and Barkley have the talent but the bigger question is weather either be ready for the season opener. Pete Carroll has two weeks to figure it out and he has to be dead on even if it is against San Jose St. because the following week is the Ohio State game.

I have faith in Carroll and Bates, they will put Corp and Barkley through their paces in order to determine who is ready an who is not.

It would also appear that Pete Carroll would be comfortable in having Barkley start if corp was not ready to go...

Carroll said the coaching staff would "feel good" about going into the first game with Barkley as the starter. "But I want to get Aaron a real good shot to show he’s the No. 1 guy like he had been when he got hurt," Carroll said. "We’ll just see. I don’t know how long that takes."

We have two weeks to see how it will all shake out.