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Pete Carroll has the tables turned!

Pete Carroll got a taste of his own medicine at practice the other day...

Here’s how it went down:

McKnight came up with the idea during his positional meeting earlier in the day. He noticed how tired everyone was from the 89-play scrimmage the night before and sensed that the team needed a pick-me-up.

The players plotted out the details in the locker room. Bradford and Griffen would be the main co-conspirators, and they acted brilliantly. (Fooled us!)

When it was over, most of the team started jumping and yelling to Carroll: "You got punked! You got punked!"

McKnight was proud to have pulled it off.

"I always wanted to get Coach Carroll," said McKnight, who playfully jostled with safety Taylor Mays. "I’m the only one who really can say that."


Only at USC!!