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Bad Luck?? Right.....

Alright, who did it? Who knocked it down?

Sounds like the kids were rough housing again and broke the expensive crystal.

The OCR has the story...

The bad luck at USC continues.

BCS Trophy

BCS Trophy

First there was the Reggie Bush scandal.

Then the one surrounding O.J. Mayo and the men’s basketball program that resulted in the resignation of coach Tim Floyd.

Recently, quarterback Aaron Corp was forced to the sidelines with a knee injury.

Can anything else go wrong?

How about an omen?

The BCS Championship Trophy, the one that USC won at the conclusion of the 2004 season, has been damaged. The crystal football which usualy sits atop the trophy was last seen at the bottom of the trophy case at Heritage Hall.

Is this a mysterious indication that the Trojans’ football team will be next to fall, perhaps off of its Pac-10 perch?

Rumor has it that some horseplay in the vicinity of the trophy case was to blame.

What do you think happened to the trophy?

What does this mean for the Trojans’ upcoming season?

Yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwn.......Aint nothing but a thing. It means nothing.

Maybe it was a small earthquake?

They do have those out in L.A. you know...

Maybe it was one of Pete Carroll's songs of the day going full blast...

Get the decibles just right and I would not be surprised if it cracked in two!

Maybe it was....Ah hell who cares.

Only those who are superstitious worry about those types of things, not me........Christ, is that a black cat??