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Taylor Mays continues to impress

I don't know about you, but I continue to be impressed with Taylor Mays the person. We already know how special he is as a football player.

He definitely impressed me at Media Day.

Others are taking notice as well...

Bruce Feldman in conversation with USC safety Taylor Mays - ESPN
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Taylor Mays is looking to pick off some hardware for USC - Los Angeles Times

Mays as senior at USC is an upset - USC |

He's a-Mays-ing: USC safety wows coaches in Pac-10 | ®

Return engagement for USC's Mays - - Media Day interview with USC safety Taylor Mays
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This could be a special season for Mays as he sets himself up for the future. A lot will put upon him as he is now the leader on defense. He has a lot of birds to take under his wing this season.

That is why I laugh when I read tripe like this...

If Mays stays healthy he will be a top 5 pick in next years draft no question.


Because he is a physical specimen that can be coached.

Regardless of what his production is on the field in some peoples eyes- becuase he is such a special player with so much potential teams will be chomping at the bit to draft him. 2009 will be his season!