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Did the press smear Renardo Sidney?

I am just throwing it out there...I will let you be the judge...

The attorney for Mississippi State signee Renardo Sidney and his parents says meetings with the NCAA on Monday and Tuesday were "productive."

The Sidneys met with NCAA investigators at the Montgomery, Ala., offices of attorney Don Jackson, answered questions about their finances and are now returning to Los Angeles.


Jackson is even more confident now that the Sidneys have done nothing wrong. He said most of the NCAA's questions had to do with stories in the Los Angeles Times and Washington Post. The family disputes allegations of wrongdoing and has turned over financial records to the NCAA.

"(The NCAA) may not be in full agreement, but both of those articles turned out to be sensationalistic garbage," Jackson said.

I guess anything is possible...

We have, of course, all heard the rumors. I would not expect Sidney's attorney to say anything to put is client in a bad light but he isn't going to put out this sort of statement before the NCAA makes their ruling. I mean why piss on a snake?

What I find interesting is if the Sidney's say the reports are false and can back it up will the NCAA then go to the LAT and WaPo to ask them for their sources to clarify the accusations. I doubt the NCAA will get anywhere there but it couldn't hurt.

Anyway, he is in the past but I did find it interesting...