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BREAKING...Frankie Telfort will not play for USC

This is absolutely heartbreaking news...

Linebacker Frankie Telfort will not play football for USC because of a heart condition. The condition was discovered while at USC.

"This is obviously very difficult news for Frankie, his family and all of us in the football program," USC head coach Pete Carroll said in a statement. "But we're very thankful doctors discovered the issue before it led to anything worse."

This summer at USC, Telfort has participated with his teammates in conditioning drills and throwing sessions. However, after the July 17th workout, Telfort has been either absent or watching drills from the sidelines.

Telfort, a four-star prospect from Miami Gulliver Prep, looked like an instant contributor because of his smarts. Telfort planned to major in pre-med at USC.

I am not not sure as to what the condition is but I would suspect it is probably Marfan Syndrome.

Thank god they found this before something really bad happened. I will have more on this as it becomes available.