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Mustain Puzzlement...

I like Mitch Mustain. I really thought he would be a much bigger part of the offense and that his addition to the team two years ago would give SC another solid weapon but it just hasn't panned out that way a lot of us had hoped. I admit I was one of the biggest Mustain cheerleader out there when he arrived...more than I was for Mark Sanchez but I am really surprised that he anot lived up to the hype or the expectaions that so many had of him.


A reader sent me these questions about Mitch Mustain which I thought I would answer here. This will also give you guys an opportunity to offer your own take on Mustain...

1- Why didn't Mustain ever reach higher levels of performance? After he went 8-0 at Arkansas and then transferred to us I thought, wow what a gift we have our next starting QB. But he never managed to be the best at SC. What is your take on him? Why did he do so well at Arkansas yet he never claimed the job here at SC?

2- And say just for speculation suddenly the only QB we have is Mustain and he is the starter for the whole year. Could we win a championship with him?

E. L.

I will take the second one first.

Because it has been difficult for Mustain to grasp the play book, I find it difficult to see how he could lead USC to championship. I was one of those who really thought Mustain coming to SC was going to be a huge asset but he hasn't worked out that way. I admit a lot of my opinion wase based on his performance at Arkansas. Going 8-0 as freshman is a big deal even in the SEC but it just hasn't translated to a solid performance here. If he can't perform to break in as at least the back-up then I find it hard to believe that he could lead the team to a championship.

As for the first question...

Well, see my answer in the second question. It pretty much answers that too. I don't really know or care about all the issues that led to Mustain coming to USC but once he got here it was all on him to go out and perform. He just hasn't grasped it like I had hoped. That doesn't mean that he can't step up but with what we have seen the past two years is anyone completely comfortable with Mustin behind center? I realize actual game experience will do a lot for a players confidence and development but if the player doesn't perform in camp or in practice it will be virtually impossible for that player to make it on the field. I guess you could say it is the Chicken or the Egg Syndrome.

Mustain really needs to step it up...As good as Matt Barkley seems to be is anyone really prepared to put so much on a young QB. I know some will point to Terrell Pryor as an example but I really think the scenarios are very different and we all saw Pryor struggle at times last season. In the end I think Barkley will Red Shirt so that puts Mustain at #2 but if Mustain doesn't show some vast improvement PC may not sit Barkley and in 2010 the comettion will get even tougher with Jesse Scroggins coming to USC.

To me this is the make or break training camp for Mitch Mustain.

There is no question that Mustain is a valuable asset but just how valuable will be determined by his preformance this season.

Feel free to offer your take in the comments section...