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CFN's 2009 Pac-10 Predictions

This year SC is going to be tested more than it has in other years. The reasons are simple, a whole new defense and a new QB under center. Now, it is not like SC hasn't had to deal with new QB's taking over in the past and SC has always had some turnover on the defense but this is a little different.

CFN has predicted USC going 11-1 in the Pac-10. That is a bit generous in my eyes. I still think SC will win the Pac-10 but 11-1 is pretty big margin in comparison with the rest of the Pac-10...


With the rest of the Pac-10 finally starting to show some signs of life the road could be a little bit tougher for USC than it has seen in the past. USC has always held its own but with a tough road schedule coupled with what I mentioned above I find it a little surprising that CFN is being so generous in their predictions.

CFN has also come out with their unit rankings for 2009 and SC once again tops a majority of these. Most surprising though is CFN has USC ranked as the #1 defense in Pac-10 even with all the new starters this season. That is pretty significant. It will be interesting to see just how all of these predictions turn out. It is no secret that SC reloads year in and year out but there are a lot of potential stumbling blocks this season so it is anyones guess as to how the season will pan out.