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Aaron Corp will start...or will he?

As has been the norm the last few seasons the starting QB is named during Spring Ball. For the most part there has been very little if any controversy, but this past spring saw that happen again but there was monkey in the wrench...Matt Barkley put on a pretty good show and many wondered if he could start. That was quickly debunked by the coaches but with Mitch Mustain not living up to expectations It looks like Barkley is the # 2 guy...or is he?

From The LAT...

And in the middle of everything stands Aaron Corp, wearing his USC cap backward, calling plays, taking snaps, throwing passes.

He already has been named the starter at quarterback. But his hold is tenuous. There will be plenty of official practices before the team's Sept. 5 opener against San Jose State at the Coliseum. So he's here trying to solidify his role as a leader and prove that he's a better option than the other talented quarterbacks on the roster.

There is always a little QB controversy during camp even when the outcome is already known, the coaches sometimes see something that raises their eyebrows. Barkley certainly opened a lot of peoples eyes with his maturity but Corp brings a weapon that we have not seen a lot of at USC...a mobile QB.

I think it is entirely possible that Barkley can give Corp some serious competition but I highly doubt he would start. That would only happen if Corp went down to injury and Mustain threw up all over himself. Speaking of Mustain, I had high hopes for him when he first came to USC from Arkansas but it just has not panned out. That does not mean that he can't turn it around but it has not looked good up to this point.

As I have said numerous times before...I am ambivalent as to who starts. The coaches know a lot more than I do, the only thing I want is to win. So this will be an interesting training camp