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Notre Dame to go undefeated in 2009? Really??


Is this guy nuts??

Notre Dame. And here comes the flying fruit from the rest of the country. Charlie Weis was supposed to return Notre Dame to glory; instead, he's turned Notre Dame into a piñata. The Irish might be the country's biggest wild card -- will they play like champions, or will Nevada's Colin Kaepernick and Vai Taua run wild in South Bend on opening weekend?
But an assessment of the Irish isn't complete without a look at their schedule. Of their 12 opponents, only three will be consensus picks to finish in their league's top three. Luck of the Irish, or genius scheduling by the ND administration? Probably a little of both.
With five seniors up front, the Irish will outscore most of their overmatched competition. Everything hinges on Oct. 17, when nemesis USC rolls into town (the Trojans have won seven straight in the series by a combined 284-95). Beat SC, and Weis can coach forever.


More like Naval Gunfire...This guy is lining himself up for a mortar strike.

Is Clausen that much better? Sure ND is going to play a bunch of tomato cans this season...most with new QB's under center. But Clausen has yet show me anything of significance on a consistent basis. Curtis give absolutely no reason as to why ND SC will lose to ND. I mean it is the biggest game on ND's schedule but that isn't enough. It was that way in 2005 too...

I am not sure SC will go undefeated this season but I am very confident that they can and will beat ND in South Bend.

Guess this guy didn't get the message. Some "columnists" will do anything for readership I guess...