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Doc Saturday: "Don't hold your Breath"

Doc Saturday breaks it down perfectly...

If the Trojans are meant to be just an example, well, the Association had a chance to knock Alabama back into the Dubose era as a repeat repeat offender, and didn't take it.

Yeap...we have pretty much said similar things in the past.

Maybe they will and maybe they won't but the only reason this is getting more play now is because of the alleged linking of both the Bush and Mayo investigations. There will be no death penalty. The lack of institutional control charge will be tenuous at best because a school can't investigate a families individual finances any more than the NCAA has subpoena powers.

There are people out there that really have a hard-on to punish USC as we see in this article. (in which Doc was refering to in his piece)

Watch out, USC. Some influential folks in the NCAA are yearning to hammer a school that has strayed from its rules on recruiting and/or academics. So if what's published about Reggie Bush turns out to be the truth, the Trojans will be the first major football program in at least five years to face serious sanctions.

History would say otherwise. Recent examples, especially the Florida State academic fraud and the Alabama textbook cases, show the NCAA has spared the rod on its top programs. Probation and vacation of victories have replaced significant scholarship losses and postseason or television bans as popular punishment.

Once again we have another writer trying to connect the dots to make a conspiracy theory out of the Reggie Bush mess.

What many people seem to miss is that after 3 years of trying to sort the Bush mess out the NCAA still has nothing to report. If this was so cut and dry SC would have been hammered by now. The NCAA has to be careful NOT to come down too hard because they could find themselves in court over it.

If we are to believe the Sporting News writers contention that the NCAA "spared the rod" on FSU and Alabama then that is on the NCAA. FSU's scandal involved multiple players in multiple sports and Alabama was a repeat offender so how does the NCAA justify punishing USC hard for one rogue player WHOSE PARENTS were the ones that initially broke the rules. There maybe other issues that come up in regards to Bush but we haven't heard a lot on that other than unsubstantiated claims made by the accuser(s).

The battle lines have been drawn on this. No one knows just how it will shake out but many think SC will get minimal punishment unless some incredible earth shattering news comes to light. I mean after three years we have seen nothing leaked that could be investigation can keep things under wraps this long, sooner or later something is going to come out.

Chalk up another hater...