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A brief look at USC's incoming freshman

I am still away on business but here is an interesting read on our in coming freshman class...

Each summer, a fresh new crop of youngsters march onto USC’s campus eager to impress. Typically, those newcomers are trying to catch the eye of the Trojan coaches.

Well, the USC coaches won’t get a look at their new guys on the field until fall camp starts. So instead of being judged by guys like ex-NFL great Ken Norton Jr. and future Hall of Fame coach Pete Carroll, this guy has taken on the job.

Here are some quick, snap thoughts on the newest Trojans on campus.

Devon Kennard

The five-star defensive end looks physically ready to go now. He’s got a really compact, tight frame despite being 6-foot-3 and 260 pounds. He runs with a low center of gravity, and he’s very quick of the edge. I’m going out on a limb by saying he looks like he’ll be a good player.

Going to be a fun training camp!