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Damian Williams Assumes a Leadership Role and other Wide Receiver News

There is a nice article on Rivals on Damian Williams and how he has become the senior man in the receiving corps. It seems like only yesterday that he arrived to USC as a transfer from Arkansas. After sitting out 2007 because of his transfer last year was his break out year, he was Mark Sanchez's #1 go to guy. There was not a ball that he could not handle, there was not a play he could not make.

Williams and his teammates have gone out of their way to point the incoming Trojans in the right direction during players-only workouts. And that teaching may be more receptive because it's coming from a peer.

"The new guys always really take to the coaching from the players. It's one thing getting coached by a coach when they throw a lot of information at you, but it's another when a teammate takes the time to actually show a new guy how to do something," Williams said. "When we get to see stuff, we know how the defense is playing them. The coaches know the schemes, but they don't know exactly how the players are playing. When we get a chance to get them out here for 11-on-11s and 7-on-7s, we can actually teach them. And they learn.

"I want to help coach up these guys. I know this offense pretty well. I know the ins and the outs. I just like teaching the younger guys the stuff that I know."

That goes a long way to helping these guys settle in.

This also helps the new kids coming adapt to just what type of atmosphere they are getting into at USC. Competition is king and while the new kids have some special talent, playing at USC is on a completely different level than what they are used to.

Williams' leadership will also be key in helping Aaron Corp settle in as the new starting QB. Corp has some big shoes to fill and expectations could not be higher. With many in the chattering class already thinking SC will have a more difficult season because of the loss of most of the defense and the experience of Mark Sanchez, some see USC as ripe for a fall. I can see where some would think that but we have lost top talent before and we have responded well in the past so I see no reason for this season to be any different.

Speaking of the wide receivers there are two interesting posts you should take a look at. Both are from Buster Sports...

The first looks at USC's production of getting wide receivers ready for the NFL Draft...

I’ve often been asked why I factor the NFL draft in the makeup of this series, but not a player’s pro football accomplishments.

To me, it’s simple. What a player does once he’s in pro football has to do with the NFL, and not college. But what a player does in college has a lot to do with the NFL draft. A college ought to get credit for developing a player to the point where he’s a draftable commodity, as well as being able to recruit high-level athletes who hone their skills in college before entering the NFL draft.

When it comes to the elite NFL-ready athlete, there is no position in this series that separates USC from the rest than wide receiver.

That is pretty accurate.

No one really knows how a player will do in the NFL but USC is tops at getting players ready for draft and the high powered, no gimmick offense they play in gets these kids noticed where they sometimes go high in the draft.

On a side note here is another interesting tidbit from the article...

Once again, UCLA continues to embarrass itself at another position, despite living in the land of high school recruiting riches. How can the Bruins place just three players on the all-league team in 10 years? Wake up, guys.

I know, it is all Dorrell's fault right?

It will be interesting to see just how well ucla does with the receivers they pulled form this last recruting class. there is some talent there but lets see how it progress es on the field.

Other article also from Buster Sports uses a point system to rate the Pac-10's receiver corps over the past 10 years.

This is an interesting way of looking at things but it is also pretty thorough. USC will continue to be a major force in recruiting and prepping of players for the next level.