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Neuheisel pulls a Kiffin ... got the rule wrong when he lashed out at Pete Carroll

We will get back to Floyd's resignation later

This is too rich to pass up!

I knew this was going to happen.

So, you read my posts here and here. But Adam Rose clarifies it for us. (emphasis added)

But it turns out that Neuheisel's kids -- or anybody under the age of 18 -- can already be on the sideline provided they are performing a game-related task.

After telling the crowd that they would leave "ticked off at Pete Carroll, ticked off at all that is SC," Neuheisel described how Carroll was the lone dissenter in a 9-1 vote by the league's coaches. He apparently forgot to mention that the Pac-10 athletic directors immediately shot down the proposal, 8-2, with only UCLA and Arizona in favor of the change.

League officials were primarily concerned about increased liability, and also wary that a change might lead to efforts by administrators or even donors to try to get sideline passes for their children, too. As proposed, the new rule would have allowed any coach's child onto the sideline. Such a change could have added as many as two dozen kids on some sidelines.

I guess that covers Ricky Rosas. (sorry 102 - Nice try though, thanks for playing, you can get your lovely parting gifts when you drop off my pizza)

And to boot, 8 of 10 Pac-10 AD's voted it down so I guess Skippy not only got the rule wrong but it was the AD's that had the final say not the coaches, further embarrassing this nimrod. So much for top notch ucla education (not to mention embarrassing USC's Law School).

All Skippy had to do was read the rules (or pick up the phone and ask someone) was there in black and white. He was so intent on sticking it to PC that he didn't get his facts straight. So, while he may be 100% right as ESPN's Ted Miller states, it turns out he got the rule wrong and Miller missed it too...on national TV.

Great Job Guys! Who looks petty now?

Too funny, it killed two birds with one stone. Looks like some peoples agenda just got exposed...again!