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ESPN's Ted Miller: "Neuheisel 100% right"

Well, we can all rest easy Ted Miller has got Skippy's back so the controversy is over....

Whew...thank God we got that all straightened out.

Miller is hilarious in calling Pete Carroll petty in tweaking Slick Rick. Right... Skippy has never tried to tweak Pete, not at all. I'm sure we don't half the stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

Miller misses the point...its not about how many passes USC gives out but who they give them to Miller tries make a big deal out of that in his post on the matter. It doesn't matter who SC passes them out to. There is a Pac-10 rule in place about minors not being on the sideline. If the Pac-10 choose not to enforce it, it is not my problem.PC did not agree with changing the rule, what is so hard to understand about that? There is not a greater conspiracy here and if even if there is, is anyone surprised? SC has pretty much done their own thing, meanwhile no one has forgotten the LAT ad...I'm sure Slick Rick didn't know anything about that right? Or the red meat he throws out at halftime at Pauley.

Sure, Rick has never lied before has he. We should just believe him at face value...whatever you say Huckleberry.

And what does this have to with Pete's charity work? That sounds like Apples and Oranges to me. Miller throws that out there from way out in left field. I have not seen it written anywhere where why the other 9 coaches want the rule changed (other than for sentimental reasons about son's being on the sidelines with their dad), only that Pete Carroll is an ogre and supposedly hates little children.

Skippy comes into town and wants to do things to grab some attention...fine but when you stick your head up too high someone is going to throw rocks at you sooner or later. Dose anyone think that it could be the other way around that maybe Slick Rick got all the coaches together to tweak Pete Carroll? I mean with the stories that go on in the recruiting wars it would not surprise me at all.

Miller got his wish...he got some juicy gossip to report on...

A few weeks ago I told Chris Low,'s SEC blogger, how jealous I was of all the squabbling going on amongst his coaches, particularly Pac-10 export, Lane Kiffin.

It warms my heart when college football goes all pro wrestling -- always thought Ric Flair would be a great coach.

Congrats Ted, you are now ESPN's official version of a National Enquirer reporter.

At least you got the guys on that other blog on your side...good luck with that.