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Matt Leinart looks to toughen himself up

As we all have seen Matt Leinart has had a bit of a difficult time being successful in the NFL. I am not sure what the reasons are and I frankly don't care but there is no denying that he has not lived up to the expectations that many SC fans had when he went into the NFL 3 years ago.

Well it seems that Leinart is taking the proverbial bull by the horns to improve his game and image.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart and FOX's Jay Glazer joined the show to discuss Leinart's mental and physical makeover. Glazer is training Leinart in mixed martial arts.

Apparently, Glazer did the same for the Vikings' Jared Allen in the past as well.

Glazer said he's trying to get Leinart to push through barriers. He tries to make the QB throw up and quit every day. "We push him so hard to get him to break down," Glazer said. Glazer didn't think Leinart would come back for a second day, because usually no one does. But Leinart did.

Well, you have to start somewhere and that means sometimes you have to tear it all down before you build it back up. Leinart has too much talent to not get on the field so maybe its what's between the ears. That Leinart recognizes his shortcomings and is taking steps to change things is big step going forward. We'll see how it goes but making the effort is a great start.

Here is the link to the video of Matt working out with Jay Glazer.

Here is the audio of him discussing it on Dan Patrick's last week.

I think its great that he is trying this out. We wish him luck!!