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Conquest Chronicles Links for June 8th

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Some Notre Dame News...

Will NCAA Crack Down on Notre Dame's "Neutral Site" Games? | Bleacher Report
Will the NCAA take issue with Notre Dame's football program for stepping up the number of "neutral site" games planned for the coming years?

You can see how this could be seen as a recruiting tool...The NCAA already stopped the practice of out-of-state football camps will they curtail this as well?

RIP Jim Owens

Former Washington coach Jim Owens dies at 82 - ESPN
Jim Owens, who played at Oklahoma for Bud Wilkinson and coached the University of Washington for 18 seasons, has died at his home Saturday.

Owens was a real class act from what I have read. Owens was one of Bear Bryant's Junction Boys coaches at Texas A&M. He also cleaned up the mess at UW after the slush fund scandal and the implosion of the Pacific Coast Conference. They don't make them like that anymore.

Pushing the limits?

At Auburn, Washinton secondary violations now key recruiting tool - Andy Staples -
This is an interesting column by Andy Staples. Give 'em inch and they will take a mile...

OOC Scheduling

Richt 'not thrilled' over nonconference slate |
Please...Richt should embrace it. This OOC schedule actually gives UGA some credibility. There are no cupcakes there. Good for UGA for having the stones to schedule it this way.

You be the judge...

X's and Uh-oh's -
And for your idiot column of the day - the second to last paragraph says it all...can you say misinformed?