The clown show that is UCLA "football"

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Gotta love the Ruin football, don't we all....

First CFN has a laugh at the clowns:

Q: Which program perennially does the least with the most?

2. UCLA - The weather is just as nice as it is at USC, the coeds are just as hot (although I've heard plenty of arguments to the contrary from several Bruins), the academics are just as good, depending on the year and the study, the recruiting area is just as fertile, and the campus is in a better location. It's not like UCLA doesn't know how to win, it has a rich tradition in just about every spot, but for some reason it hasn't been able to take things to another level like Pete Carroll has been able to do down the road


Out of the Pac-10, Arizona State and UCLA have been perennial underachievers for a long time. Neither team has been able to play up to its level on a consistent basis. Present staffs excluded, it’s been a while since either the Sun Devils or Bruins had an ace on the sidelines.

Perennial underachievers. Hey, but at least they won the Sun Bowl!

Then you see this gem from Brian Dohn. So much for C-Force being a savior as many proclaimed in 2006.

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