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Randy Johnson Wins #300!!!

Great to see USC alum and future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson get his 300th win!


Johnson, who no-hit Washington for four innings and ultimately allowed an unearned run and two hits in six innings, flashed his sense of humor in a postgame news conference. But even his gags carried a hint of the fire that drove him to this point and still stokes him.

"It sounds funny, but I've played 21, 22 years, I'm 45 and I've come upon 300 wins, and I'm thinking, 'I only have 211 more to catch Cy Young,'" Johnson said, prompting laughter.

Unless Johnson finds a time machine that fits his 6-foot-10 frame and reclaims some of his youth, he's no threat to catch Young, baseball's all-time leading winner. Nevertheless, Johnson's list of accomplishments is enviable, and it grew longer with his latest triumph.

He not only became the 24th Major Leaguer to ascend to the 300-win level but also established himself as the sixth left-hander in that group.

Johnson may be the last 300 game winner we will see for quite a while with the way Major Leagues are now working their pitchers.

A Big Congrats for the Big Unit!!